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Stainless Steel Storage Tank

Description of Stainless Steel Storage Tank

According to different storage ability within 100L~20000L, single-layer, dual-layer and three-layer stainless steel tank with or without agitation to blend product. Storage pot is made of SUS304 or SUS316 stainless steel and has good heat preservation performance.


Structure of Stainless Steel Storage Tank

1. Quick open type manhole

2. Numeral indication type thermometer

3. T type cleaning head

4. Lever discharge valve

5. Adjustable conic supporting feet

Advantages of Stainless Steel Tank

1. Inside and outside polishing 300U, suitable for GMP standard

2. Under equipped with moving roller, moving convenient

3. Valve very clean, materials flowing quickly, clean 

Application of Stainless Steel Storage Tank

Stainless steel storage tank are widely applied in the beverage, food, dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical and process industries used as blender tank, buffer tank and storage tank, which cleanable to sanitary standards

Application field:

1.Used for rawness milk tank, processed milk tank, mixing tank(without heating),temporary storage tank, waiting for filling tank, etc.

2.Suitable for such fields as dairy, juice, beverage, medicine chemical or bio-engineering project, etc.

Main Parameters of Stainless Steel Tank

Stainless steel storage tank


SS304 or SS316L or Duplex stainless

Design Pressure:

-1 -10 Bar (g) or ATM B9

Work Temperature:

0-200 °C



Construction :

Vertical type or Horizontal type

Jacket type :

Dimple jacket, full jacket, or coil jacket

Structure :

Single layer vessel, vessel with jacket, vessel with jacket and insulation

Heating or cooling function

According to the heating or cooling requirement ,the tank will have jacket for requried function

Opitional Motor:

ABB, Siemens, SEW or Chinese brand

Surface Finish:

Mirror Polish or Matt polish or Acid wash & pickling or 2B

Standard components :

Manhole, sight glass , cleaning ball

Optional components :

Vent filter, Temp. Gauge, display on the gauge directly on the vessel

Temp sensor PT100, digital display on the control cabinet by instrument

Temp sensor with control for heating and cooling Level gauge with digital

display on the control cabinet by instrument Load cell Valves


Wine, Beer Juices Food & Beverage Pharmaceutical Biotechnology &

Laboratory Medical &Medical Device Chemical Industry Painting Industrial

 Remark: we can meet the requirement as per your drawings or samples

Successful Project

Extracting Tank Process Flow Chart

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