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Titanium Tank Reactor


Difference between Titanium and Stainless Steel

1. Distinguish from the color: Titanium is a bit dark, revealing a cool color, it feels cool, titanium is darker than steel. Steel is white, pale. The two colors are quite visible.

2. The difference in chemical method is that it is soaked in nitric acid. Titanium does not react, and a strong reaction occurs when the stainless steel is released. The distinction between pure titanium and titanium alloys is difficult to see from the outside.

3. Titanium can be marked with gray-black on the tile, but stainless steel can not draw a mark.
4. Titanium corrosion resistance: Titanium alloy profile below 550 °C is easy to form a dense oxide film, so it is not easily further oxidized, and has high anti-corrosion performance for seawater, steam and some acid, alkali and soft medium.
5. Titanium has good thermal strength: the melting point of titanium alloy is 1660 ° C, which is higher than iron, has high thermal strength, can be below 550 ° C, and at the same time, it shows good toughness at low temperature.


Description of Titanium Material Mixing Tank

Blending preparation stainless steel tank , also called as materials blending tank or materials mixing tank , have the advantages such as being energy saving , corrosion-proof , strong productivity and easy to clean etc .

And it is mainly used for blending and homogenizing of dairy products , sugar , other elements and various medicines , as an indispensable equipment for dairy products, beverage and pharmacy manufacturers . It is made of SUS304 or 316 stainless steel and it in accordance with GMP production standard.

Stainless steel mixing tank is a type of tank makes enzymes decompose in optimum conditions and converts certain substances into some other substances with better performances through action of enzymes . The jackey can be used for heating or cooling , attached with external heat preservation layer 



Application of Titanium Material Mixing Tank

1.Cosmetic and daily chemical product: Cosmetic cream, lotion, shampoo, detergent, health care product, gel, Laundry detergent, hand sanitizer, armpits lotion etc.

2.Pharmaceutical product: Ointment, Ice packs, injection liquid, penicillin etc

3.Food : Salad, mayonnaise, peanut butter, sesame butter, buttery, Animal fat, iced products, healthy food etc.

4. Beverage: Fruit Juice, Milk Juice etc.

5.Chemical: Paints, Pigments, dyes, phto solvents, Rubber and resin, pesticides ,Shoe polish, general chemicals etc.


Structure of Titanium Material Reactor Mixing Tank

1. Electric heating
2. Jacketed with insulation layer
3. With or without mixing system. Mixing device: Paddle, Anchor, or spiral agitator (optional and changeable to meet customer demands).
4. Material: SUS 304 or SUS 316.
5. Outer casing surface: Mirror polishing / 2B original sub-gloss / 2B frosted sub-gloss; Inner surface (bladder and tank): Mirror polishing (Roughness: Ra≤ 0.4μ M ).
6. Liquid level gauge: Digital metre or glass gauge optional.
7. Thermometer: Optional. Temperature indication ranges from 0 to 100º C.
8. Sample valve optional
19.CIP cleaning: T-shaped 360° Rotational CIP cleaning ball.
10. Man-hole equipped.


Performance and characteristicsof Titanium Material Tank

1.High speed disperser. Might mixing and disperse viscously, solid and liquid etc. Various kind of raw material will be dissolve which is such as AES, AESA LSA, during liquid production which can save energy consumption and shorten production the and shorten production period. 

2.Main adopts stepless timing device which reduce babble occur under low temperature and high viscosity condition less air bubble will be formed to produce liquid washing products.

3.Finished products can be discharged by Disc-valve or suitable to all liquid wash products.

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