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Closed Loop Spray Dryer
Time:2023-02-19     Reading times:1159
The closed loop spray dryer is a machine specially designed for organic solvents, which uses inert gas medium formed by circulating nitrogen to replace the usual air medium to carry out spray drying. In addition to recycling products, organic solvents can also be recycled. The closed loop spray system is especially suitable for low flash point, slightly toxic or flammable and explosive organic solvents.

The closed loop spray dryer has many advantages:
1. It can prevent oxidation and avoid danger;
2. It is easy to achieve bacteria-free dust-free.
3. The solvent in the feed liquid can be recovered.
4. It can dry  flammable feed liquid.
5. It can dry the feed liquid with very high heat sensitivity.
6. It can achieve low pollution and no pollution.

Due to the variety of materials, the customer is also equipped with several stainless steel slurry tanks for use with our closed loop spray dryer.

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