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WF Plate-Type Grinder Machine
Time:2023-02-10     Reading times:357
KODI WF plate-type grinder machine is one type of the universal grinders. This type of grinder has many advantages: simple and compact structure, easy disassembly and cleaning, easy operation, low energy consumption, adjustable final product size (adjusted by screen mesh), machine chamber and bearing water cooling device, which is very suitable for heat-sensitive materials.

When WF plate-type grinder works, the material enters the grinding chamber from the hopper through the shaking device, and is thrown to the wall of the chamber through the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the movable tooth plate. They are grinded by the impact, shearing and grinding of the steel teeth between the movable gear disc and the fixed gear disc. The final material reaches the annular space on the outer wall of the rotary table, the fine particles are discharged from the bottom through the outer sieve plate, and the coarse powder is repeatedly grinded in the machine.

All the universal grinders are suitable for grinding dry brittle materials, such as various plants, drugs, soil, grains, sand (1-5mm), minerals, etc.  Not suitable for grinding materials with low softening point and high viscosity.

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