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KODI FG Series Fluid Bed Dyrer ( Vertical )
Time:2022-03-17     Reading times:433
FG series fluid bed dyrer is one of the equipments normally used in the production process of pharmaceutical industry. It has various functions, such as mixing and drying. FG series fluid bed dyrer is mainly used for drying powder or granular materials in medicine, food, chemical and other industries.

FG series fluid bed dyrer uses the filtered clean air to exchange heat by convection through the heat exchanger, so that the air temperature will rise to a certain temperature. Due to the hot air, the material will be a boiling state in the dryer, and the hot air contacts the material extensively, it enhances the process of heat and mass transfer, and promotes the evaporation  of the water content in the material in a short time.

FG series fluid bed dyrer has many advantages: ① The machine is generally operated under closed negative pressure, no dust flying. ② Using anti-static filter material, safe operation. ③ The equipment has no dead ends, easy for cleaning. ④ Meet the requirements of GMP sanitary standard.

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