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Introduction of Mechanical Centrifugal Atomizer
Time:2021-12-31     Reading times:357
Mechanical atomizer is the most widely used structure of centrifugal atomizer, which is divided into gear drive and gear belt drive.

(1) Gear drive is a motor drives a large gear, which meshes with the small gear on the main shaft. The transmission ratio of the gear is different, and the rotation speed of the main shaft is also different. When the material feed volume fluctuates, the rotation speed is constant and the mechanical efficiency is high. It is suitable for long-term continuous and large-scale spray drying.
(2) The gear belt drive is driven by the motor to drive the large pulley, and then the belt drives the gear drive to work. Its characteristics are strong impact resistance, convenient to change the spindle speed, and suitable for long-term continuous spray drying.

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