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KODI CSJ Model Coarse Grinder Machine Introduction
Time:2021-12-28     Reading times:316
KODI CSJ model coarse grinder is suitable for the pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical, food, construction and other industries. It is suitable for processing hard materials. It can also be used as a supporting equipment for the pre-processing of universal grinders and ultra-fine grinders.

Precautions and maintenance of the coarse grinder:
1. The material should not contain excessively hard debris such as metal. Once it enters the crushing chamber, it will cause serious damage to the cutter.
2. The steering of the motor should comply with the specified steering.
3. During the production process, you should always pay attention to the noise of the crushing chamber. If there is an abnormal situation, you should stop the machine for inspection immediately, and then continue to work after troubleshooting.
4. Always pay attention to the wear of the tool. If it is too serious, sharpen or replace it. If the wear of the tool is serious, it will have a greater impact on the toughness and the output of fibrous materials.
5. If the particles at the discharge port are too fine or the discharge is too slow, check whether the screen is blocked and clear it.

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