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Evaporation System

3-effect plate evaporator

     A evaporator is important system to  concentrate solution. KODI machinery has developed and improved the structure of evaporator for concentrating heat-sensitive materials, especialy gelatine solution. The three-effect falling film evaporator was unprecedentedly used in gelatine concentration process by KODI Machinery, and it has been proved that it is the best one in gelatine production.
     In the process, the thin solution loads on the top from the pre-heater, and then flows downwards by gravity as a continuous film. It will create a film along the tube shells, progressing downwards. And evaporation happens in the heat exchanger. After the first-effect evaporating, the steam and concentrated solution are separated in the separation tank, and the solution is pumped to next section.


3-effect Rising film evaporator

      In this type of evaporator, boiling takes place inside the tubes, due to heating made (usually by steam) outside the same. Submergence is therefore not desired; the creation of water vapor bubbles inside the tube creates an ascensional flow enhancing the heat transfer coefficient. This type of evaporator is therefore quite efficient, the disadvantage being to be prone to quick scaling of the internal surface of the tubes.


3-effect falling film evaporator

      This type of evaporator is generally made of long tubes (4–8 meters in length) which are surrounded by steam jackets. The uniform distribution of the solution is important when using this type of evaporator. The solution enters and gains velocity as it flows downward. This gain in velocity is attributed to the vapor being evolved against the heating medium, which flows downward as well. This evaporator is usually applied to highly concentrated solutions so it is frequently used in the chemical, food, and fermentation industry.


2-effect evaporator

      One of the most important applications of evaporation is that in the food and drink industry. Many foods that are made to last for a considerable amount of time or food that needs a certain consistency, like milk, juice, etc. need to go through an evaporation step during processing. In the pharmaceutical industry, evaporation eliminates excess moisture which makes a more easily handled product and improves product stability.



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