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The operation of spray drying equipment
Time:2018-10-30     Reading times:181

The actual process of spray drying is divided into several steps:

First of all, the liquid product is put into the atomizer, where a high-speed running wheel atomizes the liquid, thus turning the product into a solid liquid mixture of micro particles. 

Secondly, the atomized particles are directed to a spray drying chamber where temperature and air flow are controlled, and hot air in it will evaporate the liquid in the particles. In order for the final product to meet the standards, the particles must be exposed to the hot air at just the right time to maintain a certain amount of moisture in the powder. Meanwhile, the condition of the drying chamber should also be well controlled because the size of the drying chamber and the condition of air flow will affect the nutrition of the product.

The third step, the final step in the process, is to collect the powder in the air flow through the separator into a container so that the final product can be packaged or mixed with other ingredients 

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